Thursday, August 2, 2012

Level: The future of evening out lows

So the other night right when I was getting ready to go to bed I had a blood sugar of 64. Of course, they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. Anyway, when I was at the SWD National Conference I got to meet Ethan, the creator of Level Foods and a really cool T1 diabetic, who gave us samples of his new glucose gels. So I decided to use one the other night and it was a great decision. The gels are 15g of carbohydrates and have the same kind of fast working glucose other gels and tablets have. A half hour later I was sitting nicely at 116 and I could rest easy knowing that I would be fine throughout the night. My morning blood sugar was 88 so everything worked out really well. It brought my BG levels back up without a bad spike. It just kind of leveled them out like the name suggests.

I would really recommend these glucose gels to anyone. The best part is they even taste really good. There are four flavors, which I have finally gotten to taste them all. These flavors are vanilla, strawberry banana, caramel, and mandarin orange. Right now you can only get them on, but sometime in the near future they will be at stores. I'll be putting in an order for going back to college so that I'll have some good tasting glucose gels to save me from any lows I might get this year.

- Keep flying steady

(Additionally, I had an endo appointment today and my a1c was a 6.6! This is my first a1c since diagnosis 11.5 years ago below 7.0. Also, my endo was impressed with how I was handling all of this new technology (the omnipod and the iBGStar) and gave me the green light for a dexcom! I can't wait to have this new bit of technology to help further control my blood sugars.)