Friday, November 30, 2012

A busy fall.

So, again it's been a while since I've posted on here. This fall has been one of the busiest semesters for me.  Trying to study and keep up with classes this semester has been a little difficult. However, I am now on Thanksgiving break and can finally make an update!

The quidditch matches that I talked about in my last post ended up not really happen due to a thunderstorm. We were supposed to play several games at FGCU, but after our first game the rest of the day was canceled due to the thunderstorms. It was kind of a bummer, but there wasn't anything we could do about it. My diabetes didn't act up during that game and my BG levels stayed pretty good.

Our next meet wasn't going to be until the first weekend in November so we had more time to practice. Due to school I missed many of these practices and was not on the team for this meet. However, I went in order to play on a mercenary team and to become IQA referee certified.

Despite losing all of our games, I think the team grew well throughout the day, and we ended up playing really well in our last game, almost pulling out a win. Here's the team, The McGonagalls:

Since this tournament was not very far from where I live, the night before I drove home and had dinner with my mom before heading over for the Referee Training Test. There were many errors with the grammar and spelling and diagrams on the test, which made it difficult for all of us, but I found out the next day that I got the highest score in our group, which most likely one of the highest scores ever on the test.

After having a good night's sleep at home, I arrived back at USF the next day ready for the tournament.  I started out the day refereeing one of the first games. Since I hadn't refereed in a while I started out a little shaky, but got back into the swing of it pretty quickly. Up next for the day was The McGonagalls's first game of the day versus USF. This was our first game all playing together so we had troubles with communication and working as a cohesive force. We ended up losing 150 - 0. 

I was now off to referee the FSU-UM game. This was to be the game that I would be given my field test for referee certification. This game was a clear win for UM and there were very few calls that I had to make, but given that I knew it was my certification test and that on another field they decided to start the game in which I was supposed to be playing, I was not on the top of my reffing game and did not pass the field test due to a lack of confidence and assertiveness when making calls on the field. Of course, with my luck, this ended up being the only game that I refereed that day that I had this problem. Nevertheless, it was a really fun day and I enjoyed every bit of it. I ended up playing a total of three games and refereeing five or six.

Contrarily, my diabetes equipment was not behaving that day. Not one, but two of my pods fell off that day and I'm pretty sure the second one happened when I was receiving a hug. Despite that, my BG levels stayed relatively normal even into the night about two hours later. 

-Keep flying steady

(Despite starting this post over break, I got caught back up in studying and homework and didn't finish until now. However, Thanksgiving was delicious and for some reason my BG levels were much higher all week then when I'm at school.)